Ladee Taha is more than just fun pieces to put together, she’s about quirky, individual, free-spirited style. With detailed, exclusive, high-quality designs that go far beyond what you’ll ever find in any boutique, Ladee Taha embraces her individuality and sets out to make her mark on the world.

Based in the island of the gods, Bali, New Zealand designer Renee takes the gypsy style and party passion that we feel coursing through our veins and turns it into the perfect pieces for beachside bonfires, endless road tripping, desert and jungle dancefloor dwelling, and watching the sun slip over the horizon.

Each piece by Ladee Taha is a piece of handmade, intricately tailored artwear, to express your innate creativity. Slipping on a Ladee Taha design feels like home, and being set free, all at the same time...