Care Instructions, tips on how to best care for your Ladee Taha creation.


Hand wash all Ladee Taha pieces  


Sequin Care : Each sequin has been hand-stitched onto super soft stretchy rayon and nylon lycras. Please note, all sequin pieces are delicate and should be worn with care. Hand wash gently in cold water only with no detergents, be careful of oils and sunscreens when wearing.


Leather Care : Leather is a product that actually changes to look more “ worn in ” as it ages – something that is known as a beautiful part of owning real leather. This makes your item more unique and undeniably you!
For extended life, keep leather out of direct sunlight over long periods to prevent fading. We recommend using a leather protector spray or creme to protect from accidental spills and wipe any marks with a clean, damp cloth. A gentle leather balm or conditioner will restore the vitality of your piece.